Double Rise – April 1, 2018


ID Mullarkey NOR AA 74
T Philipson DUR AA 70
GR Turnes DUR A 67
C Prested DUR AA 65
T Common NOR A 63
R Henry NOR AA 63
S Craggs NOR B 61
S Emmerson DUR A 61
A Gribbin YOR B 61
G Crossland YOR AA 59
R Jackson DUR B 52
L Meynell YOR B 50
JF Slater NOR C 50
KE Relton DUR C* 48
F Tuckerman DUR C* 48
A Barratt DUR C 47
B Prested DUR C 45
M Robinson DUR AA 45
D Dixon DUR C 44
S Walker DUR C* 44
M Griffiths DUR C* 42
D Hartley DUR C 42
JP Raine DUR B 40
RW Henderson CUM C 30

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