Spennymoor Clay Pigeon Club (CPC) is a CPSA Registered Ground in the beautiful rolling hills near Fishburn, just off the A1 at J61. We hold regular registered shoots as well as practice shooting opportunities on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights.

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The club is also privileged to hold both Selection Shoots and County Championships

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We shoot: English Sporting,Down The Line, English Skeet, Automatic Ball Trap, and Double Rise.

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Situated in farmland we have car parking space for over 100 vehicles.

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We have 4 undercover DTL / ABT layouts, all with voice release traps, and a full time Skeet layout. Sundays we normally have 100 Sporting practice as well as regular registered events in other disciplines.

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We have a clubhouse with catering facilities for anything from tea & coffee to a full breakfast.


12g Cartridges available for certificate holders.

Our Sporting layout is over open farmland, including 120 foot High Tower.

Floodlit shooting until 8.30pm every Wednesday all year round.

Please note that anyone caught shooting without a card or failing to mark clays on their cards will be asked to leave and banned from the ground.


Eye and ear protection must be worn at all times while in the shooting area. Semi Auto and Pump Action guns should be carried with the breech open. Note that only 2 cartridges may be loaded into the gun at any time.
Spectators may accompany shooters, but shooters retain responsibility for their spectators.
Guns must be broken at all times until in the shooting position, unless carried in a sleeve.
Spent cartridges must be placed in the bins provided where feasible.
We recommend the wearing of closed footwear and suitable clothing.

Failure to observe safety rules may result in exclusion from the club and grounds.

News & Results

ABT 19/5/19

IA Ainsley UKN VET A* 47M Hutchinson DUR SNR A 46GS Jones DUR VET B 45N Tarren DUR SNR C 45D Towers NOR SNR C* 45K Kipling DUR VET D 44PW Johnson DUR SNR D 43T Tinkler DUR VET A 42D Hartley DUR SNR D 38C Prested DUR SNR C 36A Scott DUR SNR C …

ESK 19/5/19

Dean C SNR B* 46Tarren N SNR B 46Tones JT VET A 45Shanks E LDY B 44Stephenson L VET B 43Carr R LDY C 42Holbrow PDH C* 40Norman T VET C 35McKenna D LDY C 33LYNAS S SNR C* 28

DTL 12/5/19

ID Mullarkey NOR SNR AA 100 299 PC Frankland YOR SNR AA 99 295 GR Turnes NOR VET A 100 292 SR Booth YOR VET A 97 289 G Mineham DUR VET B 97 288 C Prested DUR SNR B 98 283 GS Jones DUR VET A 96 282 D Priestman DUR VET AA 97 …