Notice – Coronavirus

Please note that following the CPSA announcement the club will re-open on Wednesday 20th of May. Social distancing guidelines must be followed by all shooters in accordance with government guidelines. The club will post additional rules to be followed in the clubhouse. Skeet, DTL, Sporting and Sportrap practice will be on.


Help For Heroes Pool Shoot

NEW FISO H4H Logo No Ch Number (002).jpg

Sunday 15th July

Dave Griffiths is organising a pool shoot in aid of Help For Heroes. High Gun is £100 and entries are £6. Head over to see Griff any time on Sunday and He will happily relieve you of as much money as you can spare 🙂


News Results

ABT June 17th 2018

EE 2745 JW Jones DUR VET B 47
EE 120231 M Hutchinson DUR SNR B 46
EE 39574 J Randerson YOR VET B 46
EE 104456 P Killingley CUM SNR C 45
EE 41337 RM Bright YOR SNR B 44
EE 81068 JA Broadbent YOR VET C 44
EE 101328 A Routledge NOR SNR C 44
EE 7707 R Guy DUR VET A 43
EE 73231 C Prested DUR SNR D 43
EE 27785 G Branthwaite CUM SNR B 42
EE 100441 G Crossland YOR VET A 41
EE 132787 A Holmes DUR SNR B 41
EE 19568 JT Tones DUR VET B 40
EE 28890 V Urbanski COR SNR C 40
EE 92321 PW Kell DUR VET D 38
EE 134337 JE Adamson YOR SNR D* 33
EE 81391 B Prested DUR VET D 31
EE 127623 JJ Leightley NOR SNR D 28
EE 129236 W Ewalt YOR SNR D* 27

Clean up.

As you have probably noticed the lads have been hard at work cleaning the ground and I think you will agree the difference is amazing.

We have gone from this:

to this:

created by dji camera

Great work chaps!